Windscreen Repairs

If your windscreen has been chipped, the quicker you have it repaired the greater the chance of a successul repair. Water and dirt can accumulate in the impact and cause black spots.


Did you know?

 Premier Windscreen repairs are carried out to the BSAU242a 1998 standard

Windscreen Repair

Premier Windscreens expert repair windscreen repair service.

Premier Windscreens we will always try to repair the damage before advising on a replacement. Dependant on the type, size and location of the damage a repair isn’t always possible.

Stone chips on your windscreen can develop into a crack if you don’t get this attended to. If you see a chip on your windscreen contact Premier Windscreens, and we can assess whether the chip can repaired, saving you the cost of a replacement windscreen.

If you have fully comprehensive insurance, cover stone chips can usually be repaired free of charge.

A repairable chip:

  • Is smaller than a £1 coin; if it’s bigger than that chances are, you will need a windscreen replacement.
  • Is at least 3 centimeters away from the windscreen edge (the black banded section)
  • Is out of the driver’s line of sight. If it’s within the line of sight, it must be no bigger than 10 millimeters (we can repair but will fail an MOT)

Our technicians have vast experience in repairing windscreens on all vehicle makes and all types of farm machinery and agricultural vehicles.

There is no need to fill out insurance forms and paperwork; we can take that extra stress away and bill your insurance company directly.

If you preferred to pay for your windscreen repair in full, prices start from £50 + VAT

*some insurance companies now charge a small excess for windscreen repairs. If you are VAT registered you would also have to pay the VAT on the repair cost.

Our Windscreen Repair Equipment

Premier Windscreens use the latest windscreen repair technology supplied by British based Esprit Windscreen Repair Equipment.

Esprit windscreen repair kits restore 100% of the strength of the original glass and over 86% of the clarity making the windscreen as strong as it was before the damage. This also ensures the repairs pass road worthiness tests. For a fleet operator, an Esprit repair can be easily completed within 30-40 minutes reducing fleet downtime and ensuring that cars, buses and coaches can get straight back out onto the roads. All types of laminated windscreens can be repaired – clear and tinted, heated and unheated, cars, coaches and commercial vehicles.

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Most common questions, require any other questions answered please drop us a message

Do i need a repair or replacement?

 Premier Windscreens always prefer to repair before replacing with new glass which saves time, money and the enviroment. Please visit our Windscreen Repair page for more infromation.

My windscreen is cracked is it still safe to drive?

Yes, modern windscreens are basically a thick layer of resin ( Polyvinyl butyral (or PVB) sandwiched between two layers of glass. When your glass is damaged its the outer layer that has cracked. So still safe to continue using until we can replace the windscreen. Obviously if the damage is in your field of vision we would not recommend driving and many police forces would consider it a motoring offence and you may be liable for points and/or fine. 

When can i drive my vehicle after windscreen replacement?

1 hour in most instances unless technician advises otherwise.  We use the best urethane in the business made my Sika.

Please keep do not wash your vehicle for 48 hours to allow the urethane to full cure after fitment. 

Are your technicians qualified?

Yes all our technicians hold ATA or NVQ accreditation. 

How much will my windscreen cost?

We need a vehicle registration to lookup vehicle details, Premier Windscreens use a state of the art lookup system which is 95% accurate at finding correct windscreen. Prices range from as little as £100 upto £2500 dependant on make and model.